Holidays with babies and toddlers age 3 months to 3 years old

Babies and toddlers from age 3 months to 3 years are very welcome at the Almhof. Almi’s bambini club is open Sunday to Friday 08.30h (winter) and 09.00h (summer) until 20.00h. On arrival you will receive an information sheet which helps our childcarers to make your little ones as comfortable as possible. We ask you to bring all personal belongings to the bambini club, such as the cuddly toy to sleep, the dummy, the comforter, etc. so that the babies can feel better at home with us. Initially it is very important that you stay a little with your child to facilitate the adaptation phase. There are wipers and diapers in various sizes, an abundant selection of Hipp baby food and pushchairs for loan. If your baby or toddler needs anything else we ask you to bring it.


Holidays with children age 3 years to 6 years old

This is an example of an exciting day for our little guests. Daily from 08.30h (winter) and 09.00h (summer) until 21.00h.

  • 09.00h: Good morning Smiley and Almi
  • 09.00h: We go on a forest excursion and build a dam
  • 12.00h: Shared lunch
  • 13.30h: Let’s make natural images from our collected materials
  • 15.00h: Pony riding: Pino, Puschel und Sunny are waiting for you!
  • 16.30h: Make up festival: who is the most beautiful butterfly and who is the strongest pirate?
  • 17.30h: Shared dinner
  • 19.00h: 1. show rehearsal (for all registered children, duration approx. 30 min.)
  • 19.30h: Party alarm
  • 21.00h: We wish you a good night


Holidays with children from age 7 years old

Let us surprise you with our exciting programme for children from age 8 years. Childcare is daily from 08.30h (winter) and 09.00h (summer) until 21.00h.

  • 09.00h: Good morning Smiley and Almi
  • 09.30h: We go on a forest excursion – Who finds the most blackberries and who is the fastest in the forest obstacle course?
  • 12.00h: Shared lunch
  • 13.30h: Let’s make mandalas from stones
  • 15.00h: Pony riding
  • 15.30h: Wizard school for all registered children
  • 16.30h: Almhof rallye – who, how, what, where???
  • 17.30h: Shared dinner
  • 19.00h: 1. show rehearsal (for all registered children, duration approx. 30 min.)
  • 19.30h: Pool party – Who slides fastest?
  • 21.00h: We wish you a good night.


Holidays with teenagers from age 10 years

We have put together an adventurous summer programme for our youngsters. No chance to get bored!

The triple action pack for all youngsters: fixed rope route, high rope course, canyoning I and II, rafting or flying fox is included in weekly bookings. In order to participate children must be of a minimum height of 140cm or minimum age 10.

New: All teens can choose 3x activities from 5 options: rafting, high rope course, canyoning I and II, fixed rope route with flying fox and the climbing tower.


  • High rope course
  • Climbing trial course
  • Canyoning I und II
  • Rafting
  • Fixed rope route and flying fox
  • Climbing mountain
  • Mountain bike tours