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Fun & Action

At the Almhof water fun is guaranteed! The “Almhof water paradise” with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, the 110-metre giant water slide, a baby pool, Almi’s water park and just around the corner of the hotel there’s the small Gerlostalbach stream the small Gmuender lake. If that’s not enough, here is a selection of other fun activities:

Durlassboden reservoir: sailing & surfing

The spring-fresh water warms to a comfortable 21°C in high summer (from June to August). The Durlassboden Reservoir makes Gerlos a true summer highlight. You can learn how to sail or surf at the Gerlos Surfing and Sailing School, or you can just relax by splashing around, swimming or pedalling a boat.

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Rafting in Gerlos

A special adventure for the very brave: take a rafting tour on the Wildgerlosbach River! Fresh air and foaming spray, white water that challenges professionals and gives beginners just the right kick.

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Canyoning in Gerlos

Venture on a breathtaking and exciting hike through the Ronachschlucht gorge. Enjoy this unique experience and let professional canyoning guides lead you through the perils of nature – pure adventure! Cool jumps and abseiling over two waterfalls promise an extra adrenalin kick!

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Flying Fox

A highlight for adrenaline addicts are the two routes on the Flying Fox Riederklamm on 80 meters with a length of 200 metres. Guides accompany you on the Flying Fox tour and explain how to use the equipment as well as they ensure safety.

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Arena skyliner

A new flying machine and a further development of the Flying Fox, provides even more fun, action and an incomparable bird’s-eye view to all Arena guests! The Arena skyliner runs on 4 routes with a length of up to 738 m and hurtles with a maximum speed of 50 km/h over the Gerlosstein region.

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Climbing garden Riederklamm

At the newly built climbing garden Riederklamm you can learn to climb with different difficulty levels to different routes.

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Via ferrata Gerlossteinwand

The 380 meter long fixed-rope climbing route, “Gerlossteinwand”, leads along a 240 meter high wall on the same-named mountain. It doesn’t only offer Alpine pleasures, but also leads to one of the valley’s most beautiful peaks. Introductory trial climbs for beginners are offered on the new route, categorized as medium difficult, which was constructed by the local mountain rescue team, in cooperation with the Zillertal Arena. The local alpine sports schools provide expert tips and accompany beginners on the climb, which can be comfortably reached with the Gerlosstein cable car.

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High rope course in Gerlos

Experience pure thrills at the newly built high rope course with 45 stations! After an introducton you can start the adventure while straining your courage and your skill. The high rope course is a series of elements mounted on a group of tree trunks at heights of 10 to 15 meters. This rope course is like an obstacle garden made up of ropes, tightropes and tree trunks that is completed in the same way as a race course. The high emotional tension is created by the height of the elements above the ground.

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Tandem paragliding in Gerlos

Being free like a bird, take off from the airport “mountain” and glide down towards the valley with an experienced pilot. Enjoy the holiday region Gerlos in the Zillertal Arena from a bird’s eye perspective and enjoy the flight down to the village. Glide above treetops, passing green alpine pasture and stony cliffs and gaze the breathtaking landscape from above.

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Climbing tower in Gerlos

The new outdoor attraction for all sports- and action enthusiastics in Gerlos! Gerlos enlarges its sports- and action offer and creates with the climbing tower in the city center of Gerlos next to the Musikpavillon a holiday highlight for the young and the old. Whether you make your first climbing attempts or you take the ambitious route up – the Gerlos climbing tower keeps something for each skill level.

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Arena Coaster – summer togoggan fun

The tobogganing fun in the Zillertal Valley inspires not only the kids: fun, action and speed await you on the first Alpine rollercoaster in the Zillertal Valley. The 1,450 m of coaster fun begins right at the Zillertal Arena Valley Station in Zell and promises to be the biggest summer and winter attraction with its many waves, steep curves and jumps. A 360° loop and a 540° loop will get adrenaline pumping even more.
  • Children over ten years old are allowed to ride alone!
  • Children over 4 years old are allowed to ride if accompanied by a person over 16 years old!