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Kinderhotel AlmhofSide valleys of Gerlos

Side valleys of Gerlos

Schwarzachtal valley

The Schwarzachtal in the Zillertal Arena is a recommended area to acclimatize. From your accodmodation, you walk along a flat area to Gerlos Gmünd, you past the Gmünder barrier lake and from there you move on to the guesthouse Kühle Rast. The area is rising through a small forest path. From there you go up about one hour through a narrow and romantic valley to the hut Schwarzachalm at 1.400 m above sea level. After a well-deserved apple strudel, the less experienced walkers can take the route number 8 up to the higher hut Schwarzachalm. Well experienced walkers can take the hiking trail into the valley. For our well extended vacationers the hike up to the mountain path to the 2.475 m high Schwarzachscharte is recommendable.

Wimmertal valley

The Wimmertal presents itself also as a very cozy area. Through a forest track you follow the Gerlosbach to Gerlos-Gmünd. At the level of the Hotel Kröller the trail it is going on a little steeper. After an one hour walk on the trail numer 6 you reach the Wimmertal. At the Grundlochalm, Jagd- and Gundhütte all less experienced people can reach about 1.760 m altitude. Afterwards the black mountain path number 6 begins. On this path all well skilled hikers can climb up to to more than 2.500 m to the Wimmerscharte.

Schönachtal valley

At the guesthouse Oberwirt the slowly rising trail number 5 to Schönachtal is starting. After a short hike you will reach the Stinkmoosalm. There you can enjoy a beautiful view to the far end of the valley. After about one hour you reach the snack-bar Lackenalm at 1.400 m above sea level. Equipped with the right footwear you can walk on to the beginning of the hiking trail. When you arrived at the Issalm you cal walk on to the the Stackerlalm (1.800 m) or you can follow the hiking trail and get off to an altitude of 2.000 m. There you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mighty glacier Schönachkees. Feel the rest and recreation at the mountains.

Krummbachtal valley

Because of its location the Krummbachtal is also called the “thumb” of the five tributary valleys. Since there are three huts the hike through the valley is also known as “Snack Tour”. Starting from the parking area at the Isskogelbahn the path leads past the Almstüberl to the junction Prölleralm – a traditional mountain hut. Continue along a stream to the snack-bar Krummbachrast. From ther the very fit hikers can hike above the Nöckental top station Isskogel.

Wildgerlostal valley

Also a beautiful placid hike (3 hours) is the trail around the lake center Durlassboden. Starting at the restaurant Seestüberl on the dam crest, along the left bank until the entrance of Wildgerlostals. Here you change to bitumenized road to the guesthouse Finkau. From the Leitenkammerklamm you can hike up to the picturesque located Zittauer Hütte (2.329 m) at the Wildgerlossee. Those who like comfortable hikes the snack-bar Finkau is an ideal place to take a rest – with an impressive view of the 3.300 m high peaks of the Reichenspitzgruppe – enjoy it! Afterwards you walk along the lake, past the snack-station Bärschlagalm and go back to the starting point.